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HoofSolutions Orthopedic Pad (per pair) - Dry (non medicated)

$ 15.50
A pad for the palmar and plantar (sole) surfaces of the hoof. Contains a surgical-grade felt pad cut to size for the hoof. The felt crushes down under the weight of the outer hoof wall to effectively seal in the sole creating a cushion. The back of the pad has a vinyl lining to preserve the potency of any medication of your choice (Magna Paste, Dura Sole, Magic Cushion, Rebound, Sugar-Dine or HoofSolutions Poultice Gel) upon application. It can be used in hoof boots (reusable- multiple times). University tested to facilitate solar circulation. Cushions and protects the sole with 28oz Orthopedic Felt. These are a favorite with endurance and trail riders. May also be used with FormaHoof or Equicast for longer-term cushion and protection. Sold 2 per pack. For quantity orders, contact our sales department at (817)295-4999.