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HoofSolutions Orthopedic Poultice Pad (Medicated)

$ 15.50 $ 18.50
A poultice for the palmar and plantar (sole) surfaces of the hoof. Contains an osmotic gel saturated hoof dressing impregnated in a surgical grade felt pad cut to size for the hoof. The felt crushes down under the weight of the outer hoof wall to effectively seal in the sole creating a sterile environment for the abscess, sole bruise, and/or wound to heal. The back of the pad has a vinyl lining to preserve the potency of the solution upon application. Can be used in hoof boots. All natural Poultice Gel is effective for multiple day application (2 to 4) and provides constant delivery of the medication to the palmer surface. Facilitates healing, draws out soreness, kills bacteria and fungus. Cushions and protects the sole with 28oz Orthopedic Felt impregnated with HoofSolutions patented Osmotic Poultice Gel.