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HoofSolutions Pastern Wrap

HoofSolutions Pastern Wrap

$ 27.50 $ 30.00

Made out of soft non-woven felt to cover the lower limb, fetlock, and hoof. Provides conforming protection and a protective environment for the difficult to bandage area of the pastern and ankle. Helps to cushion the lower limb and aids in maintaining adequate circulation when wrapping lower limb. Non-Sterile, Washable and Reusable. Sold in pairs, 2 per pack.

"Many horse owners report getting multiple uses from these durable HoofSolutions Pastern Wraps*, they are a favorite with the Veterinarians and Vet Techs as they aid in facilitating the efficient protection in wrapping the lower leg" For Veterinary Clinics ordering large quantities, please contact our Sales Rep at (817)295-4999

These handy Wraps can be used with any brand of hoof boots to help prevent rubbing and chafing of the lower limb. Can be applied with Vetwrap or used in boots as they are.