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HoofSolutions Poultice Pack

$ 35.00

The Poultice Pack contains one each Orthopedic Poultice Pad, Hoof Cap, and Pastern Wrap. Poultice your horse in three easy steps. The #1 Emergency Hoof Protection Kit for Horses. Developed by world renowned Horseman and Used by leading Trainers these Packs are a favorite with Veterinarians and Farriers. At the first sign of a hoof issue, "Wrap it up" until you can get a Hoofcare Professional on the scene. 

"These handy Packs are an essential for every horse owner as an emergency protection for about any hoof problem, the sole is protected by 3 layers of cushion and medicated with an osmotic gel that helps draw out soreness, relieve pain and facilitate healing. Carry a pair for each size horse you have and they will save you time and money. The medicated Poultice Pads may be left on the horse for multiple days ( 2 to 4) while the durable Hoof Cap and protective Pastern Wrap may be Washed and reused multiple times.  All you will need is a cohesive bandage, wrapping tape or duct tape to secure the "Pack" Non Sterile.